Thursday, 13 July 2017

Group Challenge: Mercenary Mayhem!


I've been thinking about running a monthly group challenge to encourage folks to have a look at 15mm sci-fi and get them painting. 

To get the ball rolling, I thought we could start with the theme of Mercenary Mayhem! 

I'm looking to see a squad of hard cases, armed to the teeth and on the lookout for trouble.

The Rules

Choose only from your existing unpainted miniatures collection.

The Mercenary Squad must consist of 5-10 figures plus up to a single vehicle.

The challenge runs from today, the 13th of July to the 31st of July and all entries will be featured here along with a brief description of the units background.

There is no prize for the challenge! It's just for fun!

If you want to enter, give us a shout!


  1. Lovely idea - I've got just the unit in the go actually, so I'll send an entry your way next week.

  2. Well I missed another good idea, lol Want to try this again say from 9 to 20 Oct?