Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Showcase: Ghoulani Enslavers


I've had these guys for a while and thought it was high time I actually painted them. The figures are Ghoulani Enslavers, originally available from 15mm.co.uk.

Ghoulani Enslaver Warband

I must admit that when I first looked at the unpainted lead, the figures were really rather uninspiring with very rough sculpting and they've sat in my bits box for almost a decade but with my resurgent interest in 15mm sci-fi, I thought I'd give them a bash.

Imagine my surprise when they actually paint up really rather nicely!

Assorted Ghoulani Infantry

Some of the figures have been converted slightly, be it the addition of a helmet or weapon swap and several have had a little bit of greenstuff to give them a more rounded, alien head.

One figure that I gave a more complete conversion to was one of the Ghoulani skimmers. The original had a tiny, really roughly sculpted metal disc to skim around on and I replaced it with a button with a couple of sticky gems and a touch of green stuff.

The resulting figure is rather more effective:

Ghoulani Skimmer

 I suspect I'll be using a similar technique to make some Ghoulani drones to scoot around the place and I'm also thinking of using one of the riders to make a larger troop transport skimmer pilot.

Amongst the best figures in the range are the scientist types. The sculpting is still really rough but they still manage to ooze character, especially the guy on the right with the raised eyebrow:

 Ghoulani Scientists and Overlord

I've still got a few more Ghoulani sculpts awaiting painting which I'll show at a later date which should give me enough to give me a decent sized skirmish force.

Spysat of Ghoulani Operation

As I've found with quite a few 15mm sci-fi sculpts, the Ghoulani Enslavers look an awful lot better once given a decent coat of paint and I am also casting around to find some suitable robotic minions, vehicles and even some genetic experiments to flesh out the force.

 Ghoulani Enslavers in Action

Last up, here's the only other pics that I can find of painted Ghoulani Enslavers from the old 15mm.co.uk website and Noble Knight. As you can see, the pics aren't too inspiring:

It just goes to show that you should never take figures at face value as even the roughest sculpt can paint up into a decent looking figure. The Ghoulani do look a bit rough but they've also got that rubber B-Movie monster vibe to them.

All the best!


  1. I like them....big low budget movie fan here....)

    1. They do look a bit b-movie don't they! I need some large headed Mutants ala This Island Earth to give them some muscle to menace folks with!

      All the best!

  2. Great stuff, look out for some new 15mm and 28mm Insects coming to a shop near you soon btw :)

    1. Awesome stuff!

      I look forward to seeing what you've got in the works!