Thursday, 6 July 2017

Workshop: Hover Drones


Hovering gun drones are a great addition to any sci-fi collection and while there are several companies who make them, I thought I'd have a bash at making my own and posting a bit of a how to guide as I go.

First up, here's a pic of what the final piece ended up looking like:

Gun Drone With Comms Array

I went for a fairly simple design as it's pretty small and to much detail would detract from a mass produced floating killing machine!

The main body of the drone is made from a button. I got a pack of about fifty assorted sized buttons from my local craft shop for about £1.50 and selected a button with a 15mm diameter for the drone.

Drone Step by Step Production

The first step was to fill the holes with a little bit of greenstuff. Once it had dried, I added a plastic gemstone, also picked up from the same hobby shop to the underside. (I have found these gems brilliant for small scale modelling and they come on a sheet of about a hundred of various sizes for a couple of quid). 

A hole was drilled into the gem to accommodate the flight stand and a couple of small pieces of plasticard gave weapon supports and a forward sensor array. A second, smaller gem was then added to give a nice lens for the drone.

Weapon wise, I kept it simple and used a couple of small pieces of plasticard rectangles as the main gun body with a smaller, thinner piece to bulk them out. The barrels are made from greenstuff. (I always roll my leftover greenstuff into sausages to cure as it makes pretty handy pipes, tubing, rivets or any number of small details).

Completed Gun Drone

The final stage was to use a little bit of greenstuff to add a cowling to the top of the drone with a little grille scribed onto the back and the whole thing was put together ready for painting.

From start to finish, I think it took about 15-20 minutes to make and I've got enough gubbins to make loads of them and the cost for all the bits was under a fiver.

Drone in Action

I must admit that this project has rather inspired me to have a go at making some more exotic designs and I'll post any updates I have over the coming weeks.

Scale Shot

Hopefully folks have found the mini tutorial handy and it shows just how easy it is to use day to day materials to make sci-fi goodness in small scale. 

All the best!


  1. Nice, I keep looking at Tau drones and then backing out due to price and GW business model - I shall def do this - off to buy some buttons now :)

    1. Indeed!

      I've got the tendency to peruse craft shops with an eye for picking up gubbins which can be turned into stuff for small scale gaming!

      All the best!

  2. Great piece of building. You may say it's a simple build but it takes the imagination to see it done! Top notch.